January 24, 2018

January's Affirmation

January carefully made her way down a forgotten path. Thin branches covered in crusty patches of moss and lichen crunched underfoot. Her cheeks were stinging and strawberry colored from the frozen air. Icicles dripped from the branches of birch and oak trees dazzling her with shimmering flashes from sunlight streaming through them. She arrived to the edge of the crest and here she could see the entire valley below her glimmering with frost like an ancient bed of sea salt. 

January reached into her pocket and clutched the large chunk of quartz. It had absorbed some of the heat of her body and her hand felt warm from its energy. January was quiet and listened intently. The wind rushed and howled along the edge of the hill she had climbed to reach as close as she could to Father Sun. The renewal of Earth was coming. Signaled soon, by the flight of snow geese whose long journey home would commence the celebration of the enormous power of Spring. 

All of this felt very clear to January who stood with her feet well grounded in the Mother as she reached upward with her hands as high as she could overhead. She called out to them in a song whose long and delicate tones carried across the valley and lifted upward toward the Heavens. She could hear the crackling sound of feathers slicing through the atmosphere. 

Slowly and magnificently the snow geese appeared from the center of the sun, swirling into a diamond formation, and began to descend toward January’s open arms. The sound of clarity whistled through her ears as each snow goose barreled above her. January’s fingers brushed the breast feathers and wing tips as each passed. She stood motionless as ice cicles shuddered and dropped from the birch tree forest into a multitude of sounds like bells and tinkling glass. Branches freed from their frozen encasement of ice began to transmit the ancient knowledge found within the heated sap as Earth’s heart opened to January’s doorway.

Purity & Earth Renewal 
Spirit Keeper of the North Star

EARTH AFFIRMATION SEQUENCE: I am clarity. I fly from earth to star and back again. My heart is open starlight. My mind is free. I am harmony. 

Spirit Keeper of the North begins at the time of the winter solstice when Father Sun returns from his journey South and begins to bring the warmth that quickens growth in the Earth Mother and all her children. The clear quartz crystal representing this is placed one quarter of the way to the East in the northern quadrant, and moves clockwise. The mineral totem for the Earth Renewal is the quartz crystal, the plant is the birch tree, and the animal is the snow goose. The color is white. Earth Renewal teaches you to be as clear a receiver and transmitter of universal energy as the crystal, as important a communicator of the ancient knowledge as the birch tree, and as respectful of tradition and ritual as the snow goose. This is a position with the potential for great power. The Earth Renewal teaches you to be fluid, yet proper in conduct as well as clear, adaptable, prudent, and wise. People in this position have keen vision, are very accomplished at ceremony, and can take large steps in their personal evolution though the use of magic. Snow goose people need to guard against becoming blocked, against using their enormous power incorrectly, and against being so perfectionist they never have time for fun.

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