January 7, 2017


I caved into myself on the track yesterday walking in another brainwave state. Up the bleachers and down; my mind in translucence.

Light descends through dappled viridescent leaves as delicate butterflies; olive wings and emerald swallowtails. Words that remind me of jewelled angels.

Light cascades in wind that ruffles the feathers of a Canadian goose munching grass on the sideline of the wide, looping track.

This light that I love that encourages me to see beyond the kaleidoscope of Māyā. Yet, there is So much beauty in each breath of illusion. My mind stays here in the shallow waters as I gasp for air now in exertion I reach the top of the bleachers ready to twirl into descent once again. I calm myself into the trance and slip into a deeper inquiry. What is the truth of your Light?

Clarity. What is clear begins with the abundance of light. Spectrums and spirals, toroids, tachyons, and pulses that create the story of my Self.

One of these days I'll see with my eyes closed. One of these days the light will stay when the shades of the lids are drawn tight. One of these days the density of each fiber of my being will weave into starlit atomic structure - so free- there will be no shadow.

This is your Light, Beloved. All of Māyā. All of me. All of Truth.

asato mā sad gamaya, tamaso mā jyotir gamaya, mṛityor-mā amṛitaṃ gamaya
"from the unreal lead me to the real, from the dark lead me to the light, from death lead me to immortality"