October 12, 2017


The collective future of you a body of bodies moving as a pattern.  "Everpresence" is easily available through the dream state. Now, more than ever, we have boundaries of atoms and gravity thinning as if fibrous coatings are wicked away by a sudden, smoldering heat. Perhaps, just enough to let electrical sparks jump wires sending new pulsations and vibrations to the one who is consciously present.

The Australian aborigines call it the ‘all-at-once’ time instead of the ‘one-thing-after-another’ time. 

In My Dreams by Brian Ibinson - Photoshop Creative


Whenever you use the force of will, you are using up physical vitality.  This is why one might feel the high of 'pushing' through a crisis, and then later collapses from exhaustion. Whenever you surrender to the innate, you are acting on an ancient, infinite reservoir of life. For example, an artist in the midst of a conscious creation in which the omnipresent self is flowing through the body effortlessly.

Lately, I have surrendered to a certain quality of dreamscape. This may ring true for others, that we have been given a gift while experiencing a great number of disturbing waking life events. Dreams have been revealing other lives, concurrent lives, and those lives are ready to be released, purified, and reclaimed to the original you.  But what is the original you?

The one reading this right now.

The one who is elevating the experience of life.  

The one who is standing in presence.

We don't know where we exist until we think our existence. As we fold through the time-space continuum of dreams, we have an opportunity to dismantle multiple timelines. It's serious work. Our ancestor selves are waiting for us to invite them to the present.  

All we have ever wanted is to be one. Each time we bring home a soul self-fragment, we experience an infinite breath of fresh air. Soul fragments trapped in another world express themselves as whole beings somewhat like clones in another world. This is because each fractal is indeed an identical but a reduced sized version of your Soul ... which is a fractal of Source. Earths most stunning display of creative force is found within the mathematics of a chaotic complex matrix. It is our job as engineers of life, to find the simplicity within chaos. The most simple equations yield the most beautiful results. We find out wave through alignment, and call home now the versions of self we encounter in our dreamworlds. 

Surrender doesn't mean falling asleep. It is more like the releasement of will. We wake up without the taut strings of "what we want to happen" playing our body. So we humble ourselves as we prepare for sleep. We ask for the center of the Universe to open as a flower in our chest. Not open to receive, or give, but open as in awareness.  Giving and receiving are activities of the egoic mind. Awareness is a beautiful dance with the Heavens. 


January 7, 2017


I caved into myself on the track yesterday walking in another brainwave state. Up the bleachers and down; my mind in translucence.

Light descends through dappled viridescent leaves as delicate butterflies; olive wings and emerald swallowtails. Words that remind me of jewelled angels.

Light cascades in wind that ruffles the feathers of a Canadian goose munching grass on the sideline of the wide, looping track.

This light that I love that encourages me to see beyond the kaleidoscope of Māyā. Yet, there is So much beauty in each breath of illusion. My mind stays here in the shallow waters as I gasp for air now in exertion I reach the top of the bleachers ready to twirl into descent once again. I calm myself into the trance and slip into a deeper inquiry. What is the truth of your Light?

Clarity. What is clear begins with the abundance of light. Spectrums and spirals, toroids, tachyons, and pulses that create the story of my Self.

One of these days I'll see with my eyes closed. One of these days the light will stay when the shades of the lids are drawn tight. One of these days the density of each fiber of my being will weave into starlit atomic structure - so free- there will be no shadow.

This is your Light, Beloved. All of Māyā. All of me. All of Truth.

asato mā sad gamaya, tamaso mā jyotir gamaya, mṛityor-mā amṛitaṃ gamaya
"from the unreal lead me to the real, from the dark lead me to the light, from death lead me to immortality"