October 23, 2016

invisible becoming visible

It's going to be ok. We've always moved through tribulations via the invisible realms with the guidance of OM. No matter what is going on in the world, we have the capability as humans to tap into the most essential and core part of our being. When we turn inward and listen past the external noise, past the initial perception of silence, through the internal sounds of life...our heart beat and the buzzing of ears...when we listen as far as we can go, we discover OM is there. The origin of peace. 

There has been much discord perceived by the world as of late. Increasingly, new realms of shadows are being exposed through media. Media has always been a source that taps into mass consciousness and represented the most basic example of duality. News, movies, social media, all have their fingers in presentations of varying degrees of realities and truths. 

Flower Power is an historic photograph taken by American photographer Bernie Boston.
It was nominated for the 1967 Pulitzer Prize.
Staying close to our hearts allows the mind to loosen its electromagnetic connection to everything else.The pulse of fear is suddenly disconnected as we enter that doorway of kindness that exists within the physical human heart. Our own heartbeat reminds us how unconditionally loved we are by the Great Mystery.

From this place of calibration, we align ourselves to the essence of a mystery that science will never be able to explain. Our understanding of the invisible comes through faith. And it is this deep, aching knowing that there exists something grander and brighter that is the demonstration of faith from higher guidance. 

Yet,turning inward does not mean staying inward without action.
Action will come when the mind integrates to the heart through a new system of patterns. These patterns erupt like molten lava into veins, through breath, and brain. All dross is burnt away by glorious love witnessed in these silent excursions into the fringe realities of Divine consciousness, and what it means to be human.

I have faith that humanity will apply salve to the wounds of the past. I have faith the broken parts of our current systems will self-repair as the human collective discovers we are not separate from any of this creation. How could it not self-repair, just like our own bodies, if each one of us has the capacity to witness this miracle through our own self-love.

Our action now is to remain peaceful and loving while moving our bodies. This is how we create spaces of peace, safety, and stability. This may be sitting at an encampment in protest of a pipeline. It may be in a yoga shala perfecting eagle pose. It may be at a desk in a technology company, or the check stand of a grocery store.

Whatever your body is doing at the moment, do it with love. Wherever your body is at the moment, be there in love.

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