September 10, 2016

ascension of touch

Earlier this week a couple of my Pleiadian friends stopped by for a delightful conversation about human fingers. The talked about 'sensory ascension' of touch.

We use our hands through the ethers so easily, but most are not practiced in this yet, preferring the solid space of physical touch.

We bring our hands together in prayer, or to give and receive a blessings. We hold our fingers in mudras to create energetic pathways in our body. We create laser beams with our fingers. We touch each other to give life and vitality. This is the gift of touch. Pure touch is the ascended state of the sensory of physical touch.

In pure touch the fingers act as small antenna to receive or transmit Divine consciousness. We often think we must touch another human for healing, but the Mystic dances with all fingers active, knowing the motion creates transmissions of energy and blessings that fly through the Universe.

I learned to utilize my fingers in harmonizing through the distance. It's an aspect of Divine intelligence to know the precision of timing with breath, heart and thought. Everything you do with your hands to uplift another, in front of you, may be created energetically through pure touch.

Mantra: Today I ascend my touch to receive and bless with Divine conscious intent. I ask with humility that I may offer to my Self and others the highest service of pure touch. ♥

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